How to reset your internet on your network

admin Wed, 08/19/2015 - 19:19

I am going to give you a simple step by step guide to resolving any internet issues BEFORE you call your internet service provider! It is very simple and it will be the first thing they customer service representative will have you do when you call.

1. Unplug both the cable modem and the router from the back of the units or the wall, which ever is easiest to reach.(they are numbered on the image in this post)

2. Let them both stay unplugged for a min of 30 secs.

3. Once 30 seconds has past, plug in the power to the cable modem first.(Labeled #1 in image) The modem will begin to flash the lights and resolve the internet information that is obtained from your internet provider.

*** Please allow all of the lights to cycle and do not plug in your router yet!***

4. Once your modem lights have stopped flashing and are staying on solid, you can plug in your Router (marked #2 in image) and allow the router to resolve all of the ip addresses you have for the house.
(there may be 1 that still flashes/flickers, however most of the lights should be solid now)

5. You should be able to now connect to the internet from either a wired or wireless connection!

If you still have any problems, send me a message or call me direct and I can help troubleshoot your issue.

I hope that this will help someone!